The Customer Loyalty Builder

Every business needs repeat customers to survive - every business owner knows this is true. But the far majority of small businesses don’t have a proactive strategy for getting customers to come back consistently and frequently.

The profitability of your business is built on customer retention. Repeat customers are more affordable to market to. They spend more money on average than new customers and refer your business more than new customers.

Statistics show that the customers you already have are much easier to sell to, have much more profitability and are more willing to refer you to other people.

You must have a systematic way to capture their value, because that’s the foundation of the profitability of your business!

The Customer Loyalty Builder reactivates and resells your existing customers!

With our proprietary system, processes and proven techniques, you can easily create and send automated messages that will keep your customers informed and engaged.

Plus, you can use automated marketing to create targeted campaigns designed to attract more of your existing customers back to buy more.

This is the easiest way to maximize growth and profitability at your business.

And we’ll setup and run the entire system for you using our marketing automation platform.

Here’s everything you’re going to get:

  • We’ll design and install proven campaign strategies
  • We’ll upload your existing contacts into the system and execute a ‘welcome’ campaign to ensure they want to be on your list and know how to opt-out if they don’t
  • We’ll use our Marketing Automation Platform to deliver multi-channel campaigns
  • We’ll design customized campaigns to attract, activate and reactivate your customers
  • We'll give you access to the platform so you can manage conversations anywhere and anytime
  • You'll have access to CRM with full tracking and data
  • Send and receive up to 25,000 messages per month at no additional cost
  • If you go over that, there will be an additional cost
  • There’s no limit to the number of contacts you can have in the system. We don’t charge you for that.

In addition, we’ll provide training on how to use the system. This will be a channel that you control - unlike using Facebook Messenger or paid ads where you are at the whim of those platforms’ rules and expense structure.

Get this complete system, valued at $549/month, for only $297/month. You can send and receive up to 25,000 messages each month.

For 50,000 messages, it's only $497/month.

If you have multiple campaigns running for 3 -5 products or services, it's just $797/month.

We’ll also back this up with a 90 Day Guarantee!

If, after 90 days you’re not satisfied with our system, you can cancel at any time and we’ll refund your money, because you’re not obligated with a contract.

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