Opportunity Recapture SMS

More Sales Without More Marketing Investment

For most businesses, phone calls are a big part of how they build and maintain customer relationships.

Yet, for various reasons, small business owners can’t always answer the phone—in fact, they tend to miss more than half of customer calls.

According to a study done in cooperation with Google,

In fact, research shows that waiting just five minutes to respond to a call will reduce the likelihood of actually connecting with that potential customer by a factor of 10x.

Don’t let being short-staffed or too busy cause you to miss more opportunities to grow your business.

Customers Prefer Text

Americans now send text messages 5X more often than they make phone calls.

Text is faster, more convenient, and fits into their lifestyle.

1. 90% of consumers say they would prefer businesses to text rather than call.

2. 85% of consumers would like to start a conversation with a business via text.

3. 77% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers to text.

4. 75% of consumers are frustrated when they can’t reply back to a company’s text messages

You’ll capture more opportunities immediately, provide better service, and build a database of contacts to market to all at once.

Here’s everything you’re going to get:

  • We’ll customize our proven recapture campaign to get the highest response from your missed call reconnects
  • We’ll track every call that comes in so you can call back anyone that doesn’t respond via text
  • We’ll automatically capture every number in our CRM so you build a SMS list you can market to

In addition, you’ll have access to the system and we’ll provide training on how to use it.

For only $67/month, you can send and receive up to 25,000 messages each month.

And if you go over that, it’s just $97/month for another 50,000 messages each month.

WOWE’s Opportunity Recapture SMS is an incredibly affordable marketing channel - each message costs a fraction of a penny to deliver and gets an immediate response since you are reaching people on their personal cell phones.

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